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Why you don’t really have to be passionate about your day job

Why You Don't Have To Be Passionate About Your Day Job To Be Happy

We have all heard the phrase, “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, I’m here to say that this statement is a load of BS. And here’s why…

I began cosmetology school when I was 19, thinking being a makeup artist would be perfect for me. I loved makeup and the art of it all. It didn’t take me long to realize I only enjoyed doing my own makeup… (selfish I know). But the pressure of doing a stranger’s makeup… not my cup of tea. Starting a career in cosmetology would have made me miserable, yet I loved it… at least doing it for fun. But not as a job.

I then decided to start school for website development – something I was already good at and had enjoyed doing for years… for my own websites. Adding on the pressure of designing for others & designing with deadlines/strict rules/parameters – not so much. So, that didn’t pan out either.

A lot of people would be discouraged at this point. Not being able to find a career they’re passionate about. Currently the only thing that’s discouraging is the $13,000 of student loans I still have to pay off with nothing to show for it… *sigh*

So… Let’s talk about our jobs. I’m sure you have some that come to mind for good and bad reasons. That awkward stint where you were cleaning teeth for a few months and realized mouths are gross. Or the time your family member got you a job working for them and you realized you don’t really like your family member being your boss.

Or maybe your current job is a place you never saw yourself working, but it’s really a decent place to be with room for growth/promotions!

Me personally – I have worked all realms of retail, along with a short period of time as a leasing consultant and a waitress.

Do I love/adore/thoroughly enjoy my current (retail) job at all times? Not really… It’s not the most exciting place to work nor am I beaming with passion for it. I do have some coworkers I really enjoy and a few I would rather not be around.

Does that sound familiar? It should sound pretty normal to the average person. Work is okay. And it doesn’t rule my entire life. 

I am writing this post because this is something I have struggled with for so long. I needed a blog post like this months ago when I was really having a hard time. So now I’m here to hopefully help someone else.

So what exactly was stressing me out? First world problems all the way… Not having a job I’m freaking obsessed with. Instagram has made it look like we’re the crazy people with average jobs, normal lives, budgets, and maybe one or two family vacays a year. It makes it look like we’re doing something wrong if we don’t have every luxurious item, money flowing from all directions, and picture-perfect lives.

This is when comparison comes in to the picture, and it will steal your joy if you’re not careful.

This is in no way meant to bash someone who does have an incredible job that they love. Or people who post travel photos on Instagram every other week.

This is simply to say: if you’re ok with your job and it “gets the job done,” then stop worrying about it.

We’ve all had discouraging remarks from people (whether it be family members or strangers) regarding *our* jobs and what we *should* be doing instead. What others think of our jobs – is that even a topic worth mentioning?

We care not about the unwanted opinions of people, but about the opinions we have of ourselves. It’s 2019, and these small-minded people don’t get any of our attention anymore.

If you have someone in your life who’s telling you what to do, kindly let them know that this is your life, not theirs. And then whatever you wanna say after that can either be nice or not… it’s really up to you. 😉

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves some questions…

Does your job…
– make it possible for you to afford things you need and even some things you just want?
– provide affordable health care for you/your family?
– encourage work-life balance?

If these are the case and there aren’t any real reasons for you to be stressed about your job, then stop worrying about it! Be proud of yourself for not allowing your job to rule your life. Keep collecting your paychecks and doing whatever brings you joy outside of work!

Does your job…
– cause you unnecessary amounts of stress that don’t allow you to “leave work at work”?
– make you feel unimportant and replaceable?
– turn your good moods into bad ones more often than not?

Then this is a different situation. You should absolutely be looking for another job. Any place that makes you feel unimportant and stressed beyond normal is not worth your happiness.

We’re all going to have good days and bad days at work and in life in general. The difference is how you feel overall. If your job isn’t what’s causing stress in your life but something else is, then look into that other thing that’s bothering you. See what you can do to change the situation and make your life more enjoyable overall.

I want to leave you with this. Something my psychiatrist told me when I was explaining my feelings about this subject.

What truly matters is what you do outside and away from work. Your real life. Who did you help today? What did you enjoy doing today? What made you feel good today? What do you learn about yourself today?

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