Christmas Debt Free Journey DIY

The Ultimate List of DIY Self Care Christmas Gifts

DIY Self Care Christmas Gifts

Anyone else feel like making something – DIYing – is a great form of self care? I always enjoy completely zoning out and into a project that allows me to focus on using my hands and creativity to make something beautiful.

It seems like every year I always want to make some DIY Christmas gifts for my friends and family, but I never get around to it. I save a bunch of awesome Pinterest gift ideas throughout the year, and then I never go back to it. Sound familiar? Please tell me this happens to other people too…

I think we do this a lot with anything we save on Pinterest. Let me add that to my New Years Resolutions for next year: Actually Doing the Pinterest DIYs I Pin. Got it. Cool.

Anyway, instead of making these amazing gifts myself, I always end up spending way too much money on last-minute presents and going into debt.

I absolutely love love love giving gifts, and while this can be amazing, it is not so great for me after the holidays end and I’m trying to figure out how to pay off everything I spent money on.

This year, I’ve mentioned I’m on a debt free journey. So far so good! I’m determined to keep going and making a majority of my Christmas gifts is going to help me out a lot!

If you’re in the same boat and want to make Christmas gifts that people will actually want, then just keep reading…

Homemade Body Scrub

Body Scrubs

Who doesn’t love a delicious-smelling body scrub that’s equally as good for your skin? Using new shower products is an awesome, low-key form of self-care.

I feel like I’m always seeing different seasonal body scrubs all over Pinterest, but I never end up making any despite them looking pretty easy to re-create.

I’m straying way from any Christmas scents for these body scrubs because I feel like once someone receives these gifts, Christmas is basically over, and I want them to enjoy these scrubs after the holiday season.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want to smell like fresh balsam or peppermint after December 25th. Maybe that’s just me.

This year, I’m determined to make some of these beautiful body scrubs for my friends and family!

I’m really intrigued by this Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub from Suburban Simplicity. Doesn’t that sound delicious? And it’s just four ingredients!

I’m definitely going to try this. The fun part will be getting a cute jar, some ribbon, and adding a little personality to the all-over appearance!

Farm Girl Gabs also has a Cinnamon Sugar Body Scrub that sounds lovely and looks just as easy!

If you want another idea that’s not particularly a Christmas scent, but it fits more into the Christmasy smells, you could try this Sugar Cookie Scrub from Arts, Crafts and Family.

DIY Heating Pads

Heating Pads

What feels better than coming home to a warm house after a long day? There’s something so comforting about warmth and coziness this time of year.

This gift adds to that feeling, which is something I believe everyone wants during the cold months.

A DIY heating pad is such a thoughtful gift to give someone you love this Christmas.

There are lots of awesome DIY heating pad ideas on Pinterest. One that drew my eye is the Organization Junkie’s Homemade Heating Pads. This one is simple and doesn’t require too many supplies!

Another that looks promising and is no-sew is this one from Living Well Mom.

I would love to receive one of these heating pads for Christmas – they’re useful and incredibly thoughtful.

Milk and Honey Handmade Soap


I put this one on my list of gifts to make this year before I even decided to write this blog!

How cute are these little honeycomb soaps!? They’re not only adorable, but they also smell incredible!

This blog post is from Happiness is Homemade and it’s super quick and easy to follow! And a huge bonus – every single ingredient is linked so you can buy all the supplies on Amazon!

There’s something so comforting about a warm shower and a yummy smelling soap! The ultimate easy self care trick.

If you have always wanted to make your own soap, here’s the perfect opportunity to try it out and be able to gift it to your friends!

DIY Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows

I think we can all agree that we love pillows… right? So what could be better than a cute, personalized pillow?!

This gift is super thoughtful – you can customize it to say someone’s favorite quote or have an image of their favorite animal – the possibilities are endless.

This gift speaks to my sleepy soul and reminds me that above everything else, the absolute must for your self care routine has to include adequate rest.

You can make a super simple, affordable pillow by using just a few products! This is seriously such a cool gift!

One tip is instead of buying stuffing by itself, just buy a cheap pillow and use the stuffing from it to make your throw pillow. Saves you a good chuck of cash!

All you really need is some stuffing, fabric, fabric glue (or you can sew it) and whatever you want to use to decorate the pillow.

I initially got the idea of making throw pillows from Drew at Lone Fox where he shows in his video how he made a bunch of different pillows without sewing! Yes please.

There are so many amazing DIY throw pillow tutorials on Pinterest and YouTube. Be sure to check out my DIY Christmas Gifts Pinterest Board to find a few different options!

Chandelier Prism Necklace

Necklaces (or other jewelry)

An awesome form of self care for me is wearing new jewelry! I love accessories, and there’s something so fun about wearing a new necklace or using a new handbag.

I feel like any woman would be happy to receive a handmade piece of jewelry, right? Besides, how gorgeous and expensive-looking are these Chandelier Prism Necklaces from Country Living?

You only need a few supplies to make these, and you can get everything off of Amazon or at your local craft store!

There’s nothing better than gifting something you made that no one would expect was an actual DIY.

Another beautiful DIY I found on Pinterest is from DIY Thought, and it’s these amazing earrings! They’re absolutely stunning!

Don’t forget to add the finishing touches to any piece of jewelry you decide to make as a gift by getting a cute little velvet pouch to put them in.


I hope you enjoyed my list of DIY self-care related Christmas gifts! Will you be making any of these? Who are you gifting them to?

You could even make a little DIY self care gift basket for someone this year! Use any of these gift ideas and put them together into a beautiful, thoughtful gift basket.

If you’d like to check out the full list of my favorite DIY Christmas gifts, head over to our Pinterest board here!

Are you going to make some Christmas gifts this year, or will you be buying all of your gifts? Let us know in the comments!

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