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Secret Santa/White Elephant Gift Guide Under $15

Whether you love a holiday get-together, or you hate the thought of it, I’m here to help you get through it a little easier this year!  

A lot of workplaces will have holiday parties this month, and most of them will have some sort of gift exchange – whether it be Secret Santa where you draw a person to get a gift for or White Elephant (Dirty Santa) where you bring a random gift and you play a game of who gets to which gift. 

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Some families (especially larger ones) also partake in these types of gift exchanges. It’s a great way to save money and have fun picking out a unique, thoughtful gift! You are less stressed out about buying multiple gifts, and you’re able to really put thought into the gift you’re giving.

In this post, I’ll help you pick out the perfect gifts for your colleagues, friends, or family members! 

Also here’s something to think about. If you’re able to help organize the gift exchange, I would recommend setting some guidelines like: 

  • Regardless of what type of gift exchange you are participating in, make sure there is a clear rule about how much money to spend. In this post, I’ll be listing ideas that are $15 and under. If you’re involved in a holiday gift exchange that’s more than $15, you could combine gifts from this list.
  • For Secret Santa, have everyone write down 3 things they’d like to get as a gift. This way, you have a better idea of what to get for your person, and everyone is happy! If you normally hate holiday gift exchanges, this may make it actually enjoyable for you! Plus so much less stress!
  • If you’re participating in a White Elephant gift exchange, try to get a gift that many different types of people can enjoy since you have no idea who will end up getting your gift. Many of the ideas listed in this post should help with this! 

Okay, now that we’ve got some of the basics covered, let’s get to shopping! 

Target Dollar Spot

Ok, so this isn’t really a specific gift idea, but spoiler alert: it’s the best one on this list.

You know, the best section of Target. Right by the entrance. And normally right by Starbucks too.

You really can’t go wrong with the Target Dollar Spot AKA Bullseye’s Playground! There are so many cool, unique pieces in this space. 

Each Target is different, and inventory varies at each store, so you may want to hit up a couple of locations to find the best selection!  

You can find wine glasses, blankets, scarves, picture frames, and cute home décor pieces in the Target Dollar Spot. I would definitely recommend checking this out first. You just may be able to do all of your inexpensive Christmas shopping here! 


This one is probably among the easiest gift ideas, but that’s kind of what we’re aiming for with Secret Santa and such, right? So if you’re short on time or really have no clue what to buy, this is an awesome option.

You can find tons of different chocolate boxed gifts this time of year. Every grocery store seems to have displays set up of beautifully delicious chocolates!

Some of my faves are the Lindor truffles, and you can’t go wrong with Reese’s imo.


Candles are such a nice gift to give and to receive. You could go for a nice holiday scent, or choose something neutral like vanilla or a clean scent would work for most people as well.

You do have people who can’t handle strong scents, so an LED candle could be a nice gift as well. Or even an oil diffuser!

You can find all kinds of reasonably-priced candles at Target, Walmart, and Marshall’s/TJMaxx/Homegoods.

Fake (or Real) Plant

Real plants are a great idea for anyone who loves houseplants (hello – me!) and if you have someone else who enjoys faux plants as décor, then you could go this route as well.

There are so many cute faux plants at stores like Marshall’s, Homegoods, and Target for under $15.

You can go for something Christmas-themed (especially if your gift exchange is taking place before Christmas) or something neutral like a succulent!


A great choice for someone you may not know too well, but you do overhear them talking about wine and Netflix across the cubicle.

Please be courteous of your gift receiver to make sure they are okay with alcohol as a gift as some people may not be. 

There are also super cute wine bottle bags to wrap your gift in! If you have the extra cash to spare (cheap wine FTW!) you could also get some wine glasses for very good prices at Target or Walmart.

There are also really cute wine glasses with phrases or images on them to make your gift a little more personal!

Baked Goods

This is a great idea for almost anyone you know. You can pretty much guarantee that anyone will enjoy some tasty treats. People love the thoughtfulness that comes from gifts that are homemade too! 

Another bonus with this one is if you already have to make treats for your family get-together this year, you can make a little extra at the same time to take as a Secret Santa gift!

Some awesome ideas are sugar cookies, fudge, brownies, or cake!

Gift Cards

Okay, so I know you’ve heard some people complain that giving a gift card is a cop-out or that it isn’t creative enough, or whatever. But… who doesn’t like getting a gift card to a place they want to spend money at? Some ideas include Starbucks, Target, Barnes & Noble, or a restaurant! 

This is easy and regardless of if it’s a unique gift or not, any gift is a thoughtful one, right?

Homemade Gifts

Check out our blog post all about DIY self-care inspired holiday gifts. These are great for any of your friends, family or co-workers who love body care, unique gifts, or simply sustainable gifts! 

Keep an eye out for our blog post coming soon about sustainable gift ideas. *wink wink*

Pet Stuff

Have someone to gift for that has a dog, cat or other pet? It might be fun and a little different to get them something pertaining to their pet!

Some great ideas include leashes, pet treats and toys, sweaters for pets, or even homemade treats!

I know I’d personally love to get a gift for me… that’s really for my dog. Works for me!


I hope this post was helpful in letting you figure out some great, inexpensive gift ideas! These work great for Secret Santa or White Elephant, but they also work for any type of gift-giving this holiday season! 

What type of gift is your favorite to receive? Will you be participating in any of these gift exchanges this year? What would you ask for? Let us know in the comments!

Feel free to comment on what other posts you would like to see about the holidays this year from Self Love Script!

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