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One Simple Trick to Start Setting Goals and Actually Accomplish Them

how to crush your goals

Do you have days where you think to yourself “if I only had a plan in place, I could stick to my goals”? Haven’t we all felt like that? Sometimes the hardest part of being productive is just starting to act productively! It seems like a simple phrase, but really think about it for a moment.

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Usually the hardest part of doing most things (whether it be waking up in the morning, doing a not-so-fun task at work, anything really) is simply starting to do them. Beginning a task. Getting ourselves to just do something can be so difficult. But it’s so simple, right?

Then, why do we struggle to start eating healthy, start working out, start looking for a better job, start waking up earlier, start anything?!? What if we look at it differently and *stop* doing something in order to *start* the thing we want to do??

If you want to eat healthy, stop buying junk food and start looking into healthy food that you enjoy. If you want to stop feeling bloated or out of shape, start making a plan to go to the gym a couple times a week. If you want to stop living in a negative head space, start looking at the positive things you have to be thankful for.

Looking at it this way, I find that you are given a negative task and a positive task – a choice. And we all love options! Why wouldn’t we want to do the one that makes us feel amazing instead of the one that does us no good?

A lot of us use the word motivation to explain why or why not we are able to do something. If you are depending on motivation to show up and be a magic sensation that allows you to do anything, you will be disappointed most of the time. Start looking at things with two options – the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. Then, choose wisely.

Of course, you’re thinking… okay this sounds easy, but can I really stick to this? The answer is always yes if you believe you can do it.

You can do literally anything you set your mind to. Start believing this. Don’t feel silly for thinking you are unstoppable and amazing because you ARE. Cherish it, embrace it, and become it.

This method is literally like a math equation (without all the weird symbols and numbers and stuff)… which btw to all my math teachers… I can use a calculator 100% of the time now, so thanks for nothing. Anyway, if you’re like me and you find it extremely hard to start a task and stick to it, I will leave you with these statements below for you to think about and customize for your own unique goals:

  1. I want to stop doing __________, so I will replace it with __________.
  2. Doing __________ makes me feel __________ and doing __________ makes me feel __________.
  3. Doing __________ hinders me from doing __________, and __________ is what is going to get me to my end goal of __________.
  4. If I stop __________, it will allow me to better myself and start doing __________.

Use these statements! Write them down, print them out, do whatever it takes to start seeing and feeling the results you want to have! Even better – make a vision board (physical or Pinterest) and use these statements!

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