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Best YouTube Channels for Positivity and Personal Development

Best YouTube Channels for Positivity and Personal Development

Today is my day off (don’t come at me!) so naturally, I had a plan of different things I needed to do today. Upper body day at the gym. Fill up my empty fridge with goodies from Trader Joe’s. Eat lunch. Go find a Mother’s Day gift. Hit up Target for the rest of my groceries I need for the week. You get the point…

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Also on my list was write a Mindset Monday blog post! I was going to make a post with my favorite healthier items from Trader Joe’s that you may not have tried; however, I think that post will be for another day because today I want to talk about some amazing YouTube channels for you to binge on!

The word “binge” is such a strange word. It’s all fine and dandy (and socially acceptable) to binge on Netflix or YouTube videos. It is not socially acceptable to binge on food (unless you’re skinny and doing it in front of a camera for YouTube). It’s cool to binge on alcohol if you’re in a social environment, but totally not if you’re alone at home. Hmm…

I think one thing that is 100% fine (and good for you) is to enjoy some downtime “bingeing” on good, positive subject matter. For today’s Mindset Shift Monday, I want to share with you some of my favorite empowering, positive YouTube channels.

Keep in mind – everything we do in life does not have to have productivity attached to it. Even though you may be watching a YouTube video and seemingly not “doing anything”, you can be expanding your mind, learning new things, and simply relaxing. Let’s start this list off…

  1. Sierra Schultzzie: I have been watching Sierra’s videos for years. She never fails to keep things honest, raw, and real. I love her sit-down videos about body positivity and self love, but I also love the try-on clothing hauls she does. Either way, you have to check out her channel!
  2. Carrie Dayton: Carrie is a little older than Sierra and has a lot of videos where she sits down and talks about real issues we face as women. From social media and body image to fun videos where she tries on thrifted clothes, Carrie is a ray of sunshine and an awesome inspiration for all women.
  3. Whitney Simmons: Whitney is my very favorite YouTuber (and maybe human overall). Her focus is on health and fitness with a emphasis on leading a balanced, fun lifestyle. You’ll fall in love with her silly personality and her cute dogs!
  4. Rachel Aust: I have been watching Rachel’s videos for literally YEARS. Talk about a calming, relaxing YouTube channel! If you like healthy, simple recipes, minimalism, weight lifting, or just a cool, modern aesthetic, you’ll love Rachel’s channel.
  5. Georgie Stevenson: I’m a new fan of Georgie’s channel. After hearing her episode on the Grind & Be Grateful Podcast with Marie Wold, I instantly fell in love with her personality, her drive, (and her Australian accent)! She posts wonderful insight about intuitive eating and fitness.
  6. Marie Wold: Marie’s podcast (as mentioned above) is my absolute favorite! Her YouTube channel does not disappoint. I love Marie’s strong approach to balance and loving your body no matter what. She presents a beautiful message that every girl needs to hear.
  7. Natacha Oceane: Natacha’s channel is full of science-backed tips and information about living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. She posts challenges that she does, along with recipes and informational videos about different topics in the fitness industry.
  8. Leeor Alexandra: If you love all things manifesting and mental clarity (or are just starting to get into it), you’ll love Leeor! She is such a beaming light of positivity, and her videos offer real tips on manifesting whatever you want out of life. Be sure to check her out!
  9. Nina Ellis-Hervey: Dr. Nina is one of the first YouTube channels I remember watching. She has amazing healthy recipes and honest no-BS life tips. Bonus: She also just released a podcast that I’ve been loving as well!
  10. Sam Ozkural: Sam is one of the first people I ever heard explain the magic behind manifesting. She puts off super chill, positive vibes that will for sure bring calmness and peace into your life!

I hope you found some new YouTube channels to binge tonight! I want to remind you that you are worth it – you are worth being taken care of. So, show yourself some love and kindness today, and relax while watching (and hopefully learning something from) some of these awesome channels!

Did I miss any of your favorite YouTube channels for personal growth, health, and mindset? If so, leave a comment so I can check them out!

Leave a comment if you’d like me to do a post about inspiring, healthy lifestyle podcasts and books as well! I’d love to post that for you guys!

I hope you all have a wonderful, joy-filled week!

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