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Inspirational, Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Noelle Downing

Chances are – you’ve heard about the importance of creating a positive space for yourself on social media.

Whether it’s tweaking your Instagram feed to only have body positive accounts on it or un-friending negative people on Facebook – your mental health can greatly improve when you create a safe space for your mind.

Obviously our mental health is affected greatly by what we see most – and at this point some days we’re spending more time on Instagram than we are in the real world. It’s just how it is.

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inspirational body positive instagram accounts you should be following!

Kelsey Breisinger @kelclight

Kelsey Breisinger

Kelsey’s Instagram is one of my new favorites! Mainly because she has a very similar body type and fashion style to me – I’m obsessed! She constantly keeps it real, sharing her normal “imperfections” like cellulite, leaving us all feeling a little more accepting of our completely normal bodies.

Noelle Downing @noelledowning

Noelle Downing

I’ve been following Noelle for over a year now, and I’ve seen her account go from a regular fashion feed to a much more body positive vibe. You’ll love Noelle if you enjoy aesthetically pleasing, super feminine and quirky fashion photos!

Dana Patterson @danaisabellaaa

Dana Patterson

Dana. Dana. Dana. Good lord – this is my girl crush, y’all! Dana is as real as they get. She’s not afraid to speak on issues she’s faced like eating disorders and negative body image.

She has the most sunny, beachy, summery vibes in her photos – you can’t help but love her!

Olivia Campbell @curvycampbell

Olivia Campbell

Olivia is a London-based influencer with amazing hair and curves! She has an amazing, elegant sense of style you’re sure to love. With a beachy, airy vibe, you’re sure to love her beautiful feed.

Bri Martinez @brimartinezz

Bri Martinez

Bri is just one of my favorite humans – period. Anytime I leave a comment on one of her photos, she responds! And she has almost 300K followers. Wow.

She talks about her struggles with mental and physical health, along with sharing other aspects of her life.

Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya

Sarah Landry

Sarah’s Instagram is probably one of the most influential ones on this list. There just is not a more honest, raw, real woman on Instagram – fight me.

Sarah is no stranger to eating disorders and struggles with body image that too many women are also faced with. She shares her story in a vulnerable way that helps you make sense of your own struggles.

Gabi Fresh @gabifresh

Gabi Fresh

Gabi’s feed is like a breath of fresh air – so many colors and textures – her outfits are original and on point.

She helps other women realize we all can wear whatever the f&#k we feel like and be confident doing it!

Iskra Lawrence @iskra

Iskra Lawrence

To me, Iskra is one of the first girls I remember seeing as a model who was “mid-size” which is what I’d classify myself as if we were forced to put ourselves in a category. *sigh*

But, seeing her photos, I just was in awe of how radiant and confident she looked, and I still absolutely love her and seeing her gorgeous photos.

Sierra Schultzzie @schultzzie

Sierra Schultzzie

I’ve mentioned Sierra before in my post about The Best YouTube Channels for Positivity and Personal Development, but I felt like it was important to include her Instagram as well.

Sierra bosts a bright, colorful feed with no shortness of real-life advice and struggles she goes through – whether it be personal life or body acceptance.

Mik Zazon @mikzazon

Mik Zazon

I love Mik’s content because she keeps everything so raw and real. She stresses the importance of accepting yourself in all forms. You’ll see her post up close and personal photos of her skin – normal things like razor bumps and acne – to help us all be more accepting of ourselves.

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Along with these accounts you should follow, I thought it would be great to also mention some hashtags that I enjoy following to switch things up a bit!

I need to follow more, so leave me a comment with your faves!

This really helps diversify my feed so I’m consistently seeing all different kinds of women and reading new stories and ideas.






#SelfLoveScript *wink*

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What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts and hashtags to follow? Let me know who you’d add to this list!

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