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I Tried Journaling Every Day for a Week

I Tried Journaling Every Day For A Week - Here is What Happened

I have mentioned journaling as a self-care tip on Self Love Script many times because it’s proven to be great at helping with mental health and organizing your thoughts, among many other things.

Though I’ve mentioned journaling before, I’ve personally never actually journaled and stuck to it (at least after age 14… boy were those some funny journal entries) – and maybe you’re the same way.

Check out this post I really love for how to get started with journaling from

So, I wanted to challenge myself to try something new, and I really need some more structure in my life these days with working from home now and everything seeming kind of chaotic and off its normal cycle.

I have really noticed the quarantine negatively affecting my life, particularly my levels of energy and motivation.

I have had seemingly no energy the past couple of weeks, and in turn, I have been eating tons of junk food that makes me feel sluggish and even more tired.

I’ve also not worked out in weeks – something I used to enjoy almost daily – I’m a gym-goer, so not being able to go to the gym has really taken a toll on me over the past two months of staying at home. At-home workouts just don’t do it for me. I don’t enjoy them.

Journaling for a Week!

I figured one thing I could implement that would be semi-easy to stick to (for at least a week!) would be journaling. Maybe writing down my thoughts everyday and starting each day off on the right foot could really help my mental state and energy levels.

Some of the benefits of journaling that I’ve learned from a little bit of research include improving our sense of optimism (definitely need some of that right now), enhancing creativity, and what I’m really excited about – improving self-discipline and willpower. Read more on the benefits of journaling here.

All of these things tie in directly with being stuck at home and having no energy and no motivation.

And as much as I want to put good things into my body, finish the book I really enjoy reading, and participate in movement that honors my body and helps me feel my best – it is just not happening right now with my current mindset.

Hopefully journaling can help me with this, and in turn – help you too!

In case you’re wondering, I am using this bullet journal.

I’m challenging myself to journal every day for a week.

I Tried Journaling Every Day for a Week

Day One

What I wrote about: I made a list of what I did today that made me feel good! Giving myself a pedicure, doing a face mask, going on a walk, making sweet potato fries

How I felt throughout the day: I felt amazing this day!

Other things I felt good about doing: I was motivated to have a great, productive day filled with self-care.

Day Two

What I wrote about: I woke up this day with pain in my neck, so I wrote about that, and despite the immense pain I was feeling, I still managed to have a great day!

How I felt throughout the day: Optimistic, kind, energized

Other things I felt good about doing: I ate vegan all day long, which made me feel incredible.

Day Three

What I wrote about: Staying positive despite my neck still hurting (update: it’s better now, but I had to change my sleep position and buy this pillow)

How I felt throughout the day: Happy, motivated

Other things I felt good about doing: Going on a walk with my sister and my pup!

Journaling for a Week - Results

Day Four

What I wrote about: Wanting to put a better focus on my goals and living a healthier lifestyle

How I felt throughout the day: Feeling weak, unhealthy, just down about myself – but also positive about changing some things

Other things I felt good about doing: I was happy that I realized I needed to make some healthy lifestyle changes, but also was not shaming myself or putting myself down about it.

Day Five

What I wrote about: DIY projects with my sister, weekends with my family

How I felt throughout the day: Happy, energized, positive, outgoing

Other things I felt good about doing: Painting furniture, a quarantine-friendly adventure to Walmart

Day Six

What I wrote about: How it’s so important for me to keep doing good things for myself and my future

How I felt throughout the day: Great, confident

Other things I felt good about doing: Putting my foot down about something personal in my life!

Day Seven

What I wrote about: How I journaled successfully for a week straight, job opportunities at work

How I felt throughout the day: Great! Excited, happy

Other things I felt good about doing: Making a to-do list and doing everything on it!

Overall, I found journaling to be an absolutely wonderful addition to my daily life. I felt less anxious because I was letting out my true feelings without having to deal with anyone else’s opinions.

Not only that, but I’ve been eating better and going on walks with my dog and my boyfriend. I don’t know if that directly relates to journaling, but I am definitely feeling a whole lot better overall.

However, I have to admit – I have been slacking since my week-long challenge ended. I have only journaled three times since.

I think from now on, I am going to try to use prompts or daily questions to journal about, and I want to incorporate a daily gratitude list as well.

Check out my new Pinterest board all about Journaling for Beginners!

I found myself mostly journaling at night before bed (or let’s face it, before I sit down and play Animal Crossing for an hour)… but I think morning journaling would fit better into what I want to accomplish as far as starting the day off right.

So, I’d like to challenge myself (and anyone else who’s interested!) to try to start most days off with journaling and see how my/your mood improves and if we feel better overall throughout the day.

Are you an avid journal-er? A newbie? Someone who never journals? Leave your thoughts in the comments or reach out to me on Instagram!

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