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How to Create a Vision Board (that Promotes Self Love!)

How to Create a Self Love Vision Board

If you’re like me, you may want to manifest more self love, self awareness, or simply self care into your life this year.

We all need it, so let’s talk about how to make it happen with a vision board!

Vision boards can be an amazing tool for manifesting great things into your life! And what better time of to try out a vision board than the beginning of a new decade?!

How to Create a Self Love Vision Board

Vision Board Basics

Before we get into how to create a self love vision board for the new year, let’s talk about what a vision board is, ways to use it, and how to find some amazing inspo online!

Vision boards are tools we can use to manifest the life we want to have.

The whole idea behind vision boards is you’re going to look at it everyday (for best results – multiple times a day), think on it, envision your life as if your vision board was your reality, and in turn, end up having all the things you desire (which were already shown on your vision board).

Need a little more info and inspo? Look no further than…


Obviously I love Pinterest (it’s kind of part of the blogger’s handbook) – and it’s truly one of the best ways to find inspiration for your vision board!

And… you can even make your whole vision board on Pinterest! We’ll get into this further in the post. 😉

Make sure to check out our board called A Beautiful New Year to see some of our favorite pins about vision boards, manifesting, and self love for the new year.

Start searching for things like vision board ideas, self love quotes, and anything else you’d want to add to your vision board!

self love is the best love

How do I create a vision board that promotes self love?

For starters, figure out what manifesting more self love into your life means to you.

Does it mean…

  • Changing your mindset about yourself?
  • Taking better care of your mental health?
  • Allowing more time for self care?

Once you figure that out, be very specific for how you want to add more self love into your life.

Things that are great to add to your self love vision board are…

  • Pictures of someone doing yoga if you want to take better care of your physical/mental health through meditation, yoga practices
  • Pictures of different self care practices you want to do for yourself this year (bubble bath, reading your Bible, walking your dog)
  • Phrases like “self love will make me a better version of myself” or “self love allows me to love others better”

Once you figure out the kinds of things you want for your self love journey this year, you can begin the fun part – actually creating your vision board!

vision board

Now, let’s make our vision board.

There are two main types of vision boards I want to mention in this blog post.

These are the easiest ways to create your perfect vision board!

Virtual Vision Board

The easiest way to create your self love vision board is to do it on Pinterest! This is perfect if you want a no cost option, or if you aren’t the craftiest! Which – face it – not all of us are!

All you have to do is create a new board, title it what you like – mine is just called Self Love Vision Board.

I’m sharing my personal Self Love Vision Board with you all on my Pinterest here. Check it out if you like, and feel free to draw inspiration from it for your own!

Now, use your ideas from earlier to start working on your board!

Once you’re done, you can screenshot your Pinterest board, and set it as your home screen on your phone (or somewhere else that you’ll see it every day)!

Remember the most effective vision boards are those that we will see multiple times a day!

If you’re more into the classic approach, this next option will be perfect for you!

Physical Vision Board

Although it may be more time consuming, making a physical vision board is the best option overall for truly manifesting what you want.

Grab some supplies from your favorite craft store like a poster board (or for an easy edit option – get a cork board), pretty paper, markers/pens, etc!

For your vision board items, you can use printed pictures, magazine pages, printed text, and your own drawings and artwork!

You basically do this the same way you’d create your Pinterest board, but you can customize the look and feel of it so much more.

Make sure you still choose powerful, meaningful phrases and pictures to add to your vision board. Each image and phrase needs to evoke emotion in you that makes you want to create your ideal life and crush your goals for this year.

Are you going to be creating a vision board for 2020? What type of board are you going to make? Be sure to share it with us on Instagram @selflovescript if you do!

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