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How to Add Music to Your Self Care Routine + My Playlist

add music to your self care routine

Today, I wanna talk about giving your mind, body, and soul the self care they deserve by using something we all relate to and enjoy – music.

We all have certain songs, artists, and even entire albums that speak to us for different reasons. They allow us to understand our emotions, to heal, and to find happiness within the worst of days.

Music can evoke incredible emotion within us and allow us to get in touch with our true feelings – our inner selves. 🎶

When I’m having a great day, I know exactly what I want to listen to on my way to wherever I’m going – (usually the gym because when I have to go to work, I do podcasts instead) upbeat music that I can sing along to.

When I’m having a hard time with something, I love listening to calming acoustic music. You can truly better yourself and understand how to treat yourself gently by listening to music that makes you feel calm during the not-so-pretty times in life.

When we relate music to our own personal story, it makes us feel good whether we are relating it to a sad moment or a happy one. When we’re sad, we long to feel accepted and understood. When we’re happy, we look for reassurance that it’s okay to be absolutely enjoying life.

Music allows us to kind of have a one-on-one therapy session with just ourselves and the sound of whatever we’re listening to. What’s better than free self love and therapy?!

Not only does music help us understand ourselves better, but it can also open our eyes to new ideas and ways of thinking. Music can teach us someone else’s point of view and allow us to better understand things outside of our regular thoughts. AKA the key to maturity and grace.

Listening to meaningful music is more of what this post is about, but there are always fun songs that don’t have much substance – enjoy those too! There’s nothing wrong with your favorite guilty pleasure tunes. I have a million of them. Ariana Grande, anyone??

So, how can you add music to your self care routine?⬇

  • Listen to music while doing a creative activity you enjoy like drawing, writing, cooking, or making something.
  • Go for a drive (this is one of my favorite self care hacks!), blare your music and focus on the way you’re feeling. This can really help you to free your mind of all of life’s distractions and let go of whatever’s bothering you.
  • Make a playlist of songs that you could go to when you’re feeling anxious/excited/depressed. Having a playlist for every mood can be really helpful and super easy to put together.
  • If you’re looking for something to do, how about going to a live concert? You can always find local shows to go to that are generally pretty cheap. There’s just nothing like a live show – connecting with the lyrics and knowing all the people surrounding you are there for the same reason as you are. It’s incredible.

I’m sure there are a thousand different ways we can add music to our self care routine – just like I’m sure a lot of us already do utilize music as a self care tool and may not even realize it!

I hope this post has been helpful! If you enjoyed reading it, please take a moment to share it on Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram or even share it with a friend who may find it enlightening.

What is your go-to music that has the ability to ground you and get you back on the right track when you’re having an off-day?

I’ve started a self care playlist! I will be adding new music frequently if you’d like to check it out. You can listen to it with Apple Music and sample the songs right here. ⬇⬇

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