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Free and Paid Self Care Ideas

Free and paid self care ideas

Sometimes when I practice self care, I want to treat myself (treat yo’self!) by going shopping or ordering some deliciously-bad-for-me food. Other times, I’d rather catch up on my favorite YouTube videos or read a book at the neighborhood pool.

Enjoy this quick little list of things you can do for yourself whether you wanna spend some money or not!

As for the free things…

  1. Watch a positive, uplifting YouTube video.
  2. Read a book or article that interests you and helps you relax your mind.
  3. Write down how you’re feeling. Accept anything bothering you, and let it go.
  4. Cook or prepare your favorite meal. Enjoy every bite!

And the paid ideas…

  1. Buy a new candle or home decor piece & enjoy styling it in your space.
  2. Visit your local plant shop and get a new plant for your home.
  3. Head to your nearest grocery store to pick up your fave snacks. Snacks + Movie = <3
  4. Treat yourself to ordering Postmates for dinner. You deserve it, girl!

Andddd that’s it!

Always remember how important it is to take time to yourself no matter how busy you are, how many people are depending on you, or how many things are stressing you out.

The best thing you can do when you are a busy, in-demand person is to understand how valuable your time is.

I’ve wanted to create an info-graphic for a while now, so here’s my first one! Share it with all the lovely ladies in your life who definitely deserve a #selfcareday!

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