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Ok so it’s no secret that we talk A LOT about self care on this blog. One of my goals with my blog is to show people all kinds of creative, different things you can do as forms of self care.

I try to think outside of the normal bubble baths and a glass of wine here. Although, yes those are some great, classic forms of self care.

Lately, my favorite (and newest) form of self care has been financial self care. I’m practically addicted to it!

Financial self care? You’re probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about.

No, I’m not talking about spending a bunch of money at the mall, and I’m also not talking about taking an accounting class. Although, you do you girl.

The financial self care I’m referring to is budgeting and paying off debt.

As I’ve already mentioned in other posts, I’m currently on my #debtfreejourney and I’m making the most of it! I’m actually kind of… enjoying it.

I’ve been using the Dave Ramsey Method to start my journey to financial freedom.

If you’re not familiar with this method, to put it simply, it means you first stock up a $1000 emergency fund savings account. Then, you start paying off all your debt from smallest total amount to largest.

This sounds pretty simple right? Well, before you start doing all of this, you really need to create a budget and get a good understanding of where your money is going.

I’m telling you – once you develop the mindset of paying off debt and becoming debt-free, you can make your income go a long way.

You may be surprised at how much money you truly do have to devote to paying off debt.

It’s a really great feeling to be totally in control of your finances, and in turn, this puts you in control of your future.

If you feel like your finances totally stress you out and it’s time to take a moment to organize your income, debt, & spending, then I’ve created the perfect spreadsheet for you – and it’s FREE!

I spent countless hours creating the best spreadsheet to help you accomplish your financial goals of being debt-free!

For a long time, I had an ugly, confusing spreadsheet that I’d thrown together and made different edits on throughout the years just to use for myself. I knew I wanted to share my method to help people, but I had to give it a face-lift.

If you’re interested, you can go ahead and download my Track It Girl Google Sheet here!

The best part about this spreadsheet is that it’s so easy to understand and customize – AND there are easy-to-understand examples on each page.

So, what exactly is this spreadsheet? Well, it’s a tool to track your debt, income, and spending. It’s laid out to show you how much money you have leftover for each paycheck after you budget for your debt payments, bills, and other expenses.

To dive a little deeper, on the first sheet, you will add all of your debt accounts and monthly bills. The sheet automatically populates your Current Total Debt and Total Monthly Bills. This may be the first time you actually see the amount of debt you’ve accumulated, and that’s ok. We’ll get through this!

Then on the second sheet, you will plan out all of your bills according to your pay periods and understand how having the mindset of living paycheck-to-paycheck is the easiest way to pay off debt. You’ll be able to add other categories that aren’t bills like groceries and gas. The sheet auto-populates your total amount of money leftover per paycheck.

On sheet 3, (probably the most eye-opening!) you will add all of your transactions like groceries, gas, and anything else! Then, it will tell you how much you have leftover for each category according to what you budgeted for it.

So, does this sound like something you’re interested in and something you can totally do for yourself and your future?!

If so, then download my Track It Girl Google Sheet here!

If you have any questions or run into any issues with the sheet or your budget, I’d love to help you! Just head over to my contact page to send me an email or send me a DM on Instagram @selflovescript.

If this sheet helps you in any way, please share this post on Pinterest, Facebook, or anywhere else so it can also help others!

Also – if you really are serious about becoming debt-free, the first thing you should do is stop going into more debt! Cut up your credit cards and don’t take out any more loans.

FYI – I am not a professional accountant/financial advisor in any way! This is just what I’ve learned through reading tons and tons of debt articles (and listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey). This spreadsheet is what I personally use to help stay on track and pay off debt.

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