5 Things to do for Your Mental Health During your Period

In honor of our monthly visitors Aunt Flo, Crimson Tide, and as I like to call her – The Dragon (don’t ask) – I present you with this period-related self-care list!

For a lot of us, our periods are the worst time of the month. Regardless of the crappy feelings associated with our monthly cycles, this is a time to remember how incredible our bodies are! Like really, how awesome are our bodies?!

Anyway, I’m hoping this list can help you enjoy your period a little bit more!

  • Take a bath! Get some of your favorite candles & light them up! (I find vanilla super relaxing). Set them up around your bathroom (using caution of course) and run yourself a hot bath. Use any bath bombs, salts, or bubbles you have! Use this time to completely let go of any thoughts at all – simply breathe and try to see how relaxed you can get. A bath can help alleviate cramps and aches along with letting you totally zone out for a little while. You’ll thank me later!
  • Workout. If you’re feeling down, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get your body moving. I’m not saying you need to go crazy – do a workout you are familiar with and enjoy. Something that is simple and won’t require too much effort. Go on a walk, do a yoga exercise using a YouTube video. Now is the perfect time to stretch, breathe and appreciate all your body does for you.
  • Get outside. This is probably the most effective one for me. Going outside and soaking in a little sunshine makes my day a million times better. Of course there’s a chance the weather is not sunny (hello, NC all spring long). Just getting some fresh air can be so beneficial – rain or shine. Getting back in touch with the world outside of our homes, jobs, and social media can really put things in to perspective.
  • Watch your favorite feel-good movie. Mine has always been A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff. I may have already watched it twice this year #noshame. Nothing quite like a familiar, good-vibes movie to make you feel totally at ease and super comfortable. Make it even better by grabbing a bunch of cozy blankets and some pillows to cuddle up in! Bonus points if you have a furry friend *woof woof* to snuggle with!
  • Appreciate the little things. If you do nothing else from this blog, you can do this one because it requires zero physical effort. Take a moment to look around you – what do you see? Currently I see a plate with a ton of pizza crumbs (it was delish and yes I ate the whole thing), a super cute rose plant my boyfriend gave me just for the reason “I haven’t gotten you flowers in a little while” (it’s only been a month actually but who’s counting?), and a million other little things that I’m so grateful for. Take this time to just sit with yourself and your positive thoughts. Practice gratitude and remember how amazing it is to have conquered all the struggles you’ve faced. Remember where you’ve been and know where you want to be. Allow yourself to feel joyful and grateful for everything you have, and always remember how lucky you are to have yourself.

Let me know if you regularly practice any of these tips above or if you decide to try any of them! Leave a comment with your favorite period self care tip.

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