12 Free Ideas To Spice Up Your Space

12 Free Ideas to Spice up your Space

One of the best ways to get your space tidy and spice it up a bit (contrary to popular belief) is not by going out and getting new things, but by re-purposing and re-using things you already have! This is sustainable, free, and makes you feel good! This is something awesome to do on your cleaning day and when you just want to do something a little different.

I always find it fun to change things up around my apartment, but this could get incredibly pricey if I gave in to all the trendy, cute decor pieces I see at the store everyday.

The truth is, we can get so caught up in having all the latest things and always going to Target or Amazon to buy new pieces of decor, but these new things are not what actually make us feel good. What truly makes us feel good is when we have accomplished something. In this case, it happens when we feel we’ve created a tidy, refreshed space.

I hope you find these tips easy and useful the next time you get a little bored with your space. Let’s get to it!

1. Grab some throw pillows from the living room and mix them up with your bedroom decor. It’s fun to mix prints and patterns for a new, modern look!

2. Similar to the throw pillows, use a throw blanket from another room in your bedroom. Gather inspiration from Pinterest about mixing patterns and just have fun with it!

3. I’m pretty sure we all have some old candles laying around in different drawers and cabinets in our homes. Move them into different rooms, and play around with grouping different ones together. If you want things to look a little more put-together, take some soap and water and remove any stickers/graphics from your candles to create a uniform display.

4. Move your plants around. Real or fake, you can simply move your plants to different rooms! I recently moved one of my “bedroom plants” into the kitchen, and it adds a lovely pop of nature and looks great with everything I already have in my kitchen.

5. Take your plant game a step further and re-pot some of your plants. If you notice one of your plants has not grown in the past 3-4 months, it may be time for a bigger pot! Chances are, if you’re a plant lover like me, you have some pots laying around waiting for a plant to move in. Take this time to enjoy the art of planting and have fun.

6. Use old picture frames to create new artwork. I recently used a Dollar Tree picture frame and my printer to create one of my favorite pieces of art. Simply print out (or write) a phrase that you enjoy, and put it in a picture frame. So easy! Gather inspo here.

7. Move some of your furniture around. This doesn’t mean you have to throw your back out moving a super heavy piece of furniture. This can be as simple as moving your night stand to the living room and switching it out with a side table you have in another room. It can be so fun to get other uses out of our furniture.

8. Baskets! Can you ever have too many baskets? Why yes, the answer is yes! So that means you probably have random baskets you’re using all over the place. I’m sure you also have some that are tucked away elsewhere that you’ve forgotten about. Shuffle your favorite storage pieces around and try to think of ways to use them that are creative and practical. What have you been struggling to organize lately? Fix it with a basket!

9. This is not necessarily a “spicing up your space tip”, but something that can help make your home look just a little more put together: organizing your electrical cords. We just talked about the versatility of baskets. Are there any cords you can organize/hide in a basket? Maybe there is some piece of furniture you could move in front of some ugly cords to hide them. There are a ton of different cord cover ideas on Pinterest.

10. You may be surprised if I told you there’s no piece of furniture in my living room that I paid any money for. I have found so many incredible pieces of furniture on the side of the road! The best time to do this is normally on the weekends in the late morning/early afternoon. Go for a drive in neighborhoods nearby, and see what you find! Another great place to look is by the trash areas of apartment complexes. As always, use good judgment and don’t take home anything that could have bed bugs (obviously).

11. Re-purpose unused dishes that are just collecting dust on your shelves. You could use cups as storage pieces for utensils, makeup brushes, pens, etc. Use a pretty plate as a center piece or as a tray for underneath your candles. See more ideas here.

12. Play with lighting. This can mean switching a lamp in the living room out with your bedside table lamp or even painting a lampshade a different color.

That’s it! 12 ways you can spice up your space for free! I hope you can appreciate the beauty of the things you already have after doing any of these activities. Simply take a moment before or after you decide to re-do your space, and express gratitude for everything you have. Forget about what’s gone wrong today, and appreciate what is going right.

Pro Tip: If you do want to spend a little money spicing up your space, I suggest checking out your nearest thrift store for some pre-loved pieces like baskets, plant holders, dishes, and picture frames! Another thing I find worth the money is checking out some throw pillow cases on Amazon. There are packs of 4 pillow cases that you can simply throw over your existing pillows for a new look!

What tips do you have for a budget-friendly space makeover? Leave them in the comments!

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