10 Tips to Start off 2019 and Make it Your Best Year Yet

10 Tips to make 2019 your best year yet

Honestly, I’m still in shock at how every year keeps going by faster than the last. Really though… 2018 where you at? Anyway, I took some time to think about how I’m going to practice better self-care and start off this new year differently than any other year.

Of course, we’re all bound to hear a lot of people talking about new year’s resolutions… how they are going to make a real change this time and not give up… But let’s face it. We’ve all fallen victim to the new year’s resolution game. I feel your pain, girl. But, let’s talk for a sec about why this always happens.

The real reason so many people struggle to stick to their resolutions is because they are depending on the sole thought that the new year is what’s going to change them. It’s the “clean slate” and “fresh start” mentality that gets them started, but this same thing makes them fail every time.

In reality, the only way to change is to create new habits. Replacing “bad” habits with “good” ones. I’ll be covering exactly how to create new habits in a future post, so stay tuned.

So, how can this list “10 Tips to start off 2019 and make it your best year yet” help you create new habits? Well, it is my hope that starting off the new year with positivity and trying new things will allow you to create new habits from the tips I’ve written here. So, let’s get started!

First things first…

  1. Take down those Christmas decorations

I know, I know. It’s sad! I hate when Christmas has officially left the building. #leastwonderfultimeoftheyear But, remember the cute décor pieces you put in the closet to make room for all your holiday stuff? Get them out of hiding and have fun thinking of new ways to arrange them in your space. Also take a few extra minutes to dust them off and thank me later.

2. Get rid of something

This could be makeup you no longer use, old food you have sitting in your fridge (hello Christmas dinner leftovers… or Thanksgiving #nojudgment), or anything else that you know needs to be thrown away. It’s gotta go! Does anyone else get a lot of joy out of throwing junk away? I might have a problem…

3. Unfollow negativity

I posted about this on Instagram (@selflovescript) a few days ago, but I wanted to mention it again here because I think it is *so* important. Gone are the days where you’re going to let something silly like Instagram bring you down. No girl, not in 2019. Get rid of the accounts who don’t celebrate diversity & unfollow those picture-perfect-photoshopped feeds that thrive off of unrealistic expectations. Girl, bye.

4. Plan out your ideal day and stick to it

This could be a weekday where you have to go to work or an off-day. I want you to write out/type out/text out step-by-step what would be a productive, fulfilling, ideal day for you & then ACTUALLY DO IT! Make sure to include the not-so-fun things you must do too. My number one tip for this is to make it specific and realistic. Also, if something doesn’t go according to plan, don’t stress it. Tweak it for tomorrow and try again friend!

5. Re-arrange a Room

How often do you come home and feel uninspired by the current state of your living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Change it up! Move your couch to the other side of the room, re-arrange your kitchen supplies, trade out your old shower curtain for a cute new one (hint: Target has some really cute ones on clearance right now). Also, this goes hand-in-hand with taking down the Christmas decorations. Win-win!

6. Post a bomb ass picture of yourself

Honestly though what feels better than your friends and family saying you look ahh-mazing in the latest picture you posted? I mean, probably a lot of things (mmm… eating cinnamon rolls). BUT how good does it make you feel when you post a picture you know you look fantastic in? Just take the selfie and post it, girl. Reap the benefits of an ego boost.

7. Make something

One of my favorite things to do when a new season is coming (or new year!!) is to DIY something. If you think DIY’s are too much work, find a dollar store DIY YouTube video (I love the home décor ones) and gather your supplies to create something functional or just a cute piece of décor. BONUS TIP: It’s also fun to just watch the DIY videos for hours and not actually make anything. #freetherapy

8. Cook for yourself

Dust off your “healthy recipes” Pinterest board (or check out my list of healthy recipes here) and find something that sounds wonderful! Everyone always talks about wanting to “be healthier” or “lose weight” as a new year’s resolution. Instead, create a new habit like devoting two days a week to make a healthy meal at home. Start off small and build on the strong foundation of a habit.

9. Try a new thing

What could be more appropriate for New Years than trying something new?! This could mean testing out a restaurant you’ve never been to, watching a new movie (not Mean Girls for the 300th time), doing your hair differently – literally anything you haven’t done and have wanted to – do it! This is your year – we’re just living in it!

10. Get simple

This final tip is the simplest (hehe get it?) because all I want you to do is minimize a part of your life that may be weighing you down. For me, sometimes this is having an unorganized space somewhere in my apartment. If this is you – schedule out time during your day to spend even 15 minutes cleaning it up. This could also be something that feels like 17 million thoughts circling through your head at all times. Breathe, girl. It’s going to be ok. Think short, simple thoughts. Visualize what you’re grateful for. Thank the universe for it, and move on. This year is really going to be eye-opening and life-changing for you if you just put it into action.

And there you have it! 10 things you can do to start 2019 off right! I hope you’ll take some of these tips and turn them into habits this year. I want to see you *crush* this next year in whatever you do! We can all have success, happiness, and an amazing year if we keep our minds on a positive track and our actions consistent with our goals.

What is an 11th tip you would add to this list?


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