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10 Things To Do By Yourself

Alone time. I think most of us associate this with one of two things – enjoying some peace and quiet or loneliness.

I’m here to assure you that alone time is absolutely necessary and essential to being the best version of you that you can be.

As of late, I’m starting to get used to being single. I’ve been in constant long-term relationships for over a decade (like… we’re talking since high school) with only a couple weeks/months in between.

Let’s just say, this time is much needed for me. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

General consensus is that single straight women are bitter or they hate the opposite sex… at least if you’re single for longer than a few months or so. This is (in most cases) completely untrue and very judgmental. Bye.

In fact, I love the idea of finding my soulmate, my best friend, my life partner. Just not right now.

I know what’s best for me is to focus on myself. Focus on enjoying being alone, taking it all in, and truly understanding what’s most important to me.

With all this downtime, I find myself wanting to try new things. But, without that significant other to do things with, sometimes it seems like all I do is go to work and go home.

Hence the purpose of this blog post – so let’s get into some fun ideas to switch things up.

If you want to change up your day-to-day routine and add some excitement into your week, I’ve got a few ideas for you!

10 Things to do by Yourself


I mentioned how amazing it is to have things to look forward to (like a trip) in my previous post about How Self Care Can Help You Navigate The Post-Holiday Blues.

Well, traveling is one of those things we normally associate with groups of people, but it’s not necessary to have a posse to go somewhere.

Is there a place you’ve always wanted to go, but things keep holding you back? I’m here to give you the little push you need to just go for it!

Of course travelling is not always possible or practical, so I have plenty more ideas for you!

Go to the movies

Ever been to the movies alone? …Me either! But I think we should all do it.

Think about it this way… it’s dark in the theater… and there’s popcorn… and candy! No one will be able to judge you for stuffing your face with goodies in a pitch-black room.

And, you get to enjoy that sappy movie alone that your old boyfriend never would’ve wanted to go see with you.

And cry all the tears you want. Nobody will be there to judge you.

Have a self-care day

Ah, a self-care day. It just sounds peaceful. But honestly it can be a lot of work to simply allow ourselves to do things… for ourselves!

Stop that right now!

My advice? Make a list of some things you’d like to do for yourself. Whether it’s getting your nails done, enjoying a coffee at Starbucks while you read all the new Self Love Script blogs (hehe), or anything that makes you feel loved by yourself.

Work on your resume or LinkedIn

This is a good one for those of us who like self-care, but don’t like to be pampered or have much “downtime.”

There’s no better time to work on your resume or update your LinkedIn profile than now! You never know who could come across your profile or what job opportunity may come to fruition where you need to hand out a copy of your resume.

There are some great articles on Pinterest with free resume templates and tips for making your LinkedIn stand out.

Play a game

Play a game, you ask? Yes! Whether it’s Candy Crush on your phone (do people still play that?), or a computer game you find on Google, playing a game can really help you unwind and have a little distraction for a while.

There are also lots of free games to download on your phone that help with mindfulness.

I’ve tried the Lumosity games, and they’re really fun and great at helping you use parts of your brain that may not get the most attention from your day-to-day grind.

Even if you’ve never been into gaming, just try it for a few minutes! You may find that it’s fun and a good way to relax and wind down at the end of the day by yourself.

Find new music to listen to

Like most people, I love music. There’s something about finding a new band that just completely resonates with me and I’m thinking how have I not listened to them before?

It can be hard for me to listen to new music because it takes me a couple of listens to decide whether I like it or not.

I recommend going to your favorite artists’ Apple Music or Spotify, and looking at the similar artists section and starting there.

I’ve found so many of my favorite bands just by doing this – it’s a great way to find new music that you’re almost guaranteed to love!

Rediscover a favorite childhood hobby

Remember what you used to love doing as a kid? Riding your bike, playing a certain computer game, or making a favorite food?

It can be anything of significance from your childhood.

When you think back to enjoying childhood and the things that used to so easily make you happy, what do you think of first?

That’s what you should go back to, no matter how silly.

Chances are, it’ll make you smile and give you a new appreciation for your childhood imagination and attitude.

Create new outfits

Or go shopping?

But really, it’s true – there are so many undiscovered outfits sitting right there in your closet!

The first thing you can do is try organizing your clothes. Maybe try grouping the same types of items together or even group them by color or season.

However you do the rest is up to you. I like to start making outfits by finding things in my closet that I love and want to wear, but I never get around to wearing them for whatever reason.

Find a few of these items, and then figure out why you don’t wear them enough. It’s quite possible that you think you don’t have anything to pair with it!

Try matching different items together, even things you may not think will look good as a pair – you may be surprised at how many hidden outfits you have!

Clean your makeup brushes (or something else you’ve been putting off)

Why is it such a hassle to clean our makeup brushes? I really can’t tell you the last time I cleaned them, but I can tell you that I’ve had it in the back of my mind to clean them for a few months now. Gross.

But, the truth is – cleaning can be so therapeutic and relaxing if you just start doing it.

So, make a list of a few things you’d like to tackle, and then go for it! You’ll be surprised how good it feels once you’re done.

Your skin will thank you too.

Write down goals or create a vision board

Since it’s still the beginning of a new year (and decade), it’s totally the right time to work on your goals or create a vision board. Check out our guide to making your self-love vision board here.

Start thinking about the simple goals you want to achieve this month. Then go from there. Add goals for 3 months, 6 months, a year – whatever drives you to want to reach them!

A vision board can be a beautiful tool, and creating one is definitely a wonderful self-care activity to do alone.

What are your favorite things to do by yourself? Be sure to leave a comment and follow us on Instagram @selflovescript!

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