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Your Complete Guide to Shopping Local Online During the Coronavirus

Your Complete Guide to Shopping Local Online

Something I have tried to promote (especially more recently) on this blog is sustainability. Many times we tend to struggle with purchasing more sustainably-made items because we’re looking for a “really great deal” or we’re trying to get something right now that’s trendy.

While I am all for affordability and keeping up with the times, something that’s weighing heavy on my heart right now is how badly this coronavirus is affecting local and small businesses around the world.

No matter what your opinion is, I think most would agree that there has never been a better time than now to start supporting local businesses, small businesses, and leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

That being said, I wanted to use this time to bring awareness to sustainability and mention some incredible small and local businesses in this post. Anything we can do to share some positivity in this madness helps.

One of the main things I want to promote is shopping online, and not going out unless absolutely necessary, so this list will feature stores and companies that offer e-commerce of course.


Overall, I think it’s important to remember this – Walmart will not go out of business, nor will Target, Ulta, or your other favorite retail chain. Local businesses could really be hurting if we don’t take a stand and support them now.

While most of these local businesses have websites to shop online, it’s important to remember that many also participate in local farmer’s markets, festivals, fairs, and different events to make their profit – so they are losing those ways to showcase their products right now.

With all of that said, let’s get into it!

Bolla Botanicals Soap

Soap, Body Care

Every year, my family goes to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina, and one of our favorite things to do is going to the farmer’s market! Our favorite booth is always Bolla Botanicals, a local soap/body care company.

They offer affordable, handmade artisan soaps and provisions. My personal favorite is the $7 soap called ‘lil honey bee. It’s a delicious-smelling, creamy, honey soap.

If that’s not your thing, they have over a dozen other types of soaps to choose from! Definitely check them out for some amazing self-care products.

Vendero Vintage


So, it was hard for me to think of and find local/small clothing businesses because I purchase the majority of my clothes from Plato’s Closet and Target (I know, I know – I’m trying to cut back).

The two Plato’s that a frequent do have Instagram accounts, but as of right now they do not have any type of online ordering; however, they will hold items for you.

That being said, I turned to Etsy to find some really unique, cool local clothing businesses.

Focusing on offering affordable, neat vintage finds from the 60’s to the 90’s is Vendero Vintage. I had a blast browsing through their inventory of over 150 items. Vintage is in and it’s sustainable – so what are you waiting for?

Other than Etsy, my suggestions are to check out Poshmark and also check to see if your local thrift stores are offering any type of buy online options. The best place to start would be seeing if they have a Facebook or Instagram where you can contact them.


One thing that always grounds me and helps keep me sane during times of chaos is lighting a comforting candle. Are you the same way?

My boyfriend and I spent a weekend in Wilmington, North Carolina last month, and one of the things we love to do most when visiting new places is going to local shops and restaurants.

One of my favorite places we visited was NC local candle shop Candles Etc. They had some of the most beautiful, fragrant candles I’d ever smelled! The best part? They use only 100% natural, sustainable soy wax and candles are slow-burning and soot-free!

They even offer one-of-a-kind mason jar candles where you choose the mason jar you’d like (all types of different sizes and colors) and the scent – then they hand-pour it for you! I love that idea.

Basically, candles = happiness, right?


Pet Supplies

If you live in an area like I do, you probably have a few local pet shops around you – please support them! Petco and Petsmart will still be in business after this madness is over. Your fave local pet boutique may not be.

I have a few favorite local pet stores in my area, but the one that stood out the most (and the only one I could find with an online website) is Unleashed. What a cute name, right?

Unleashed offers food, treats, toys, and so much more. Their inventory is impressive!

Some things just can’t be purchased online – and that’s okay! You can still put your money into small businesses. Instead of grabbing a coffee at Starbucks, head to your local coffee shop.

You can support your favorite local restaurants by ordering takeout or utilizing Postmates, Grubhub, or DoorDash for delivery. I’m sure you have a local grocery store or farmer’s market that you can shop at as well!

Please fill up the comments section with names of your small businesses or favorite local shops so we can come together and support each other during these difficult times.

If anything good comes out of this nightmare, it will be that we became closer as humans and showed more compassion towards one another as a result.

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