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Keys to Self-Acceptance

The Keys to Self Acceptance

If you’re even *somewhat* involved in the women empowerment movement you probably hear a lot about self-care and self-love on a daily basis. It really depends who you surround yourself with, who you follow online, and what type of life you want to live for yourself.

Since we hear about self-care and self-love on the daily from influencers, (and hopefully) friends, family, and our partners, it’s practically ingrained into a lot of us who are moving along with our self-confidence/body positivity journeys.

What a beautiful thing. Just sit back and think for a moment: Where were you mentally a year ago? 3 years ago? 10 years ago?

The realization of true self-acceptance is acknowledging what you have accomplished, the journey you’ve embarked on, and how far you’ve come.

Keys to Self-Acceptance

So, I’m assuming we are all pretty sure of what self-care and self-love mean – but what is self-acceptance?

I like to think of it as accepting yourself for where you are at any given moment in time. Accepting when you’re having a bad mental health day. Accepting when you’re bloated, have no motivation, and only want to fill your body with sh*t that day. Being okay with wherever you are in this very moment. And also being fine with not being fine. That also means not getting angry with yourself when you aren’t fully accepting of where you are.

Self-acceptance is not easy. It’s an everyday mental reminder to yourself that no matter what, you are worthy and beautiful and deserving of love.

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Why am I this way?

One of the first things to understand about yourself and get closer to self-acceptance is to figure out why you are the way you are.

Why do I have days at a time where I have no energy and want to be isolated?

Why do I have such a hard time opening up to people?

Check out my post A Guide to Finding the Perfect Creative Outlet to get closer to yourself and what makes you bloom. The section about writing has some great questions to ask yourself.

What makes me “me”?

Understanding points of your personality that make you you is so important – this is where you learn to appreciate your amazing self and the qualities that draw other people to you.

Try asking yourself – what aspects of my personality and way of life attract others to me? What do I enjoy sharing with people? What inspires me?

Those are some great places to start.

How do I show love?

By now, we’ve all probably heard about love languages and how helpful it can be in romantic relationships to understand each other’s love language. But knowing how we show love is much more beneficial than just in relationships with others.

Understanding how we show love is such an important aspect of our personalities and lives as a whole.

Self-acceptance involves a lot of questioning – so in this instance ask yourself – What do I enjoy doing for others? 

How do I like to receive love?

Feeding off of the previous question, it’s also so important to ask yourself questions to understand how you like to receive love, appreciation, and affection.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Creative Outlet

Maybe you feel the most appreciated by receiving praise and words of affection, or maybe you get the most joy from receiving little gifts.

Whatever it is – think about it – maybe even take one of those online love language quizzes – and you’ll begin to understand more about yourself and the type of person you are.

What steps should I take to better myself?

This is the fun part – or not so fun, if you’re a little uncomfortable with coming to terms with personal things. The best part is that you don’t have to share this with anyone else.

I feel it’s important to make a list of things you want to accomplish – tasks that will not only help you better yourself but possibly ease anxiety and stress that you may be feeling from putting things off.

A great place to start is by answering the previous questions in this blog. I’m sure some of the answers are already there for you.

The best advice I can give you is to go easy on yourself, but remember to be totally honest.

Choose kind words but don’t lie to yourself.

What things are not in my control that I need to let go of?

There are just some things about ourselves that we may never be in love with, but how can we at least learn to accept them?

First, start out by making a list of things you absolutely love about yourself. You guessed it – create another list of things you don’t love about yourself.

These can be physical traits, emotional traits – anything and everything that comes to mind.

Understand that these things are going to be part of your life forever and it’s most beneficial for you and your growth to try your hardest to redirect your thoughts elsewhere when you start to think negatively on these things.

Self-acceptance isn’t easy. It’s honestly a daily journey – a daily reminder to be kind to yourself, your body, and your mind.

Nothing rewarding ever comes easy, and let me tell you – the closer I get to self-acceptance the easier life has gotten.

You’ll start to feel more confident in yourself in all ways. You will see a difference in your relationships, friendships and work-life.

You will see a new person develop within you – a beautiful, strong woman who’s working on herself for herself! I know you can do this.

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