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Top 10 Blog Posts to Read While Social Distancing

Blogs to Read While Social Distancing

I hope everyone is social distancing, reading this is at home, snuggled up somewhere enjoying hours of Netflix, Pinterest scrolling, and feel-good Instagram accounts. While I hope you are all doing well, despite the uncertain times we are all experiencing, I know many people are truly suffering during this time. My heart goes out to …

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Your Complete Guide to Shopping Local Online During the Coronavirus

Your Complete Guide to Shopping Local Online

Something I have tried to promote (especially more recently) on this blog is sustainability. Many times we tend to struggle with purchasing more sustainably-made items because we’re looking for a “really great deal” or we’re trying to get something right now that’s trendy. While I am all for affordability and keeping up with the times, …

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What I Learned After Being Vegan for A Month

what happens when you try veganism for a month

Please don’t take a shot every time I say “vegan” or “plant-based” in this blog. You’ve been warned.  One thing we’re hearing more and more about lately (finally!) whether it be in the news, in pop culture, wherever – are the issues with the environment – and how we’re in a state of emergency and only have so …

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