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Top 10 Blog Posts to Read While Social Distancing

Blogs to Read While Social Distancing

I hope everyone is social distancing, reading this is at home, snuggled up somewhere enjoying hours of Netflix, Pinterest scrolling, and feel-good Instagram accounts. While I hope you are all doing well, despite the uncertain times we are all experiencing, I know many people are truly suffering during this time. My heart goes out to …

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Mindfulness Self Care Social Media

Inspirational, Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Noelle Downing

Chances are – you’ve heard about the importance of creating a positive space for yourself on social media. Whether it’s tweaking your Instagram feed to only have body positive accounts on it or un-friending negative people on Facebook – your mental health can greatly improve when you create a safe space for your mind. Obviously …

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New Year Self Care Tips

How to Set Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions

How to Set Mental Health New Years Resolutions

We spend the end of every year reflecting back on things we could’ve done differently and hopefully we take a little time to remember all the things we’re proud of ourselves for. It’s hard not to at least think about things you want to do differently in the next year. Some people are ‘anti-new-year’s-resolutions’, but …

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