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Top 10 Blog Posts to Read While Social Distancing

Blogs to Read While Social Distancing

I hope everyone is social distancing, reading this is at home, snuggled up somewhere enjoying hours of Netflix, Pinterest scrolling, and feel-good Instagram accounts. While I hope you are all doing well, despite the uncertain times we are all experiencing, I know many people are truly suffering during this time. My heart goes out to …

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How to Cope During Times of Extreme Stress and Anxiety

How to Cope During Coronavirus

There’s no shortage of negativity, stressful news, and downright depressing stuff we’re being bombarded with day in and day out lately. This whole health scare, deadly virus thing can be a little overwhelming. I wanted to write this blog because I know I have been feeling incredibly anxious lately, but I’ve also noticed some ways …

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Get Rid of Anxiety, Take Back Your Power, and End Procrastination

Get Rid of Anxiety and End Procrastination

Please note – this blog is not a substitute for medical advice. I have simply implemented these tips and mindset shifts to help me procrastinate less and work through my anxiety.  Many of us deal with minor anxiety – things we may not even recognize as anxiety, like being eager to please everyone, being afraid …

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