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No-Spend Valentine’s Day Ideas

No Spend Valentines Day Ideas

Whether you’re riding solo this Valentine’s Day, hanging out with your friends/family, or spending the day with your S.O. – I’ve got you covered in this post! Bonus – every idea in this post will be free! Of course, there may be supplies you don’t have laying around or something – but, overall everything will be no cost.

We’re covering Valentine’s gift ideas, free things to do for Valentine’s Day, and self-care ideas to show some love to you!

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We just had Christmas like a month ago, right?! I’m sure we all spent enough money and are still trying to save and not completely blow our bank accounts. And Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where meaning is more important than what you spend.

Here’s my post about Using Self-Care to Get Past the Post-Holiday Blues if you need a pick-me-up.

No Spend Valentines Day Ideas

Things to Do

By Yourself

First off, congrats to you for putting yourself first this Valentine’s Day and wanting to do things by yourself just for you! I have lots of ideas of free things to do for yourself. I even have a whole post about it.

In that post, I mentioned playing around with creating new outfits, rediscovering old childhood games you loved, and creating a vision board, among others!

One of my favorite ideas includes something along the lines of cooking a meal for yourself, breaking out that bottle of wine you’ve had forever (or spend  a little money to grab your fave at the store!), and enjoying some quiet time alone with your beautiful mind. That’s self-love, ladies – especially the last part.

10 Things To Do By Yourself

I have more ideas that are specifically self-care centered later in this post as well!

Looking for more inspiration and ideas of fun things to do alone? Check out my post 10 Things to do by Yourself!

With Friends & Family

Planning a fun night in with your friends or family for V-Day? I found this amazing blog post from Katie Rosario called 12 DIY Broke Girls Night In Ideas and I absolutely love the things she mentions.

In her post, she mentions super cute ideas like having a yoga night with friends, doing crafts together (I totally did this with my mom, aunt, and sister last year and we have a blast – definitely recommend), chick-flick movie marathon, and coloring book session!

Another fun idea that’s super simple would be playing board games or video games and enjoying your favorite snacks together for the night!

With Your Significant Other

Instead of the average overly-crowded restaurant and movie night we normally associate with Valentine’s Day, let’s think outside the box here!

Of course you could enjoy a beautiful dinner at home that you cook together and then watch your favorite movie. That’s always a nice option.

Some other things you could try are…

  • Doing an online questionnaire together – you can make it into a fun game! I love the What’s Your Love Language? test!
  • Massaging each other – watch YouTube videos for good tips!
  • Fondue Night
  • Go for a Drive

One really awesome post I found is from Sweet Frugal Life called 20 Free Valentine’s Date Ideas. Be sure to check that out for more great ideas.

Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to give some gifts this year for Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to find free ideas that don’t take a million supplies you’re supposed to have laying around the house to make. Like, who seriously has all that stuff?!

I think one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give someone is a hand-made card. Who doesn’t love getting a personalized, thoughtful gift? Anyone will appreciate it, and there’s tons of cute ideas for inspiration on Pinterest.

This post from Cassidy Lucille has the most adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – definitely take a look! You may need to purchase some of the supplies, but overall, everything is really affordable and easy and you can customize a lot of them to match your budget and your valentine’s style!

DIY Scrabble Picture Frame
DIY Scrabble Picture Frame

This adorable picture frame is one of my favorite DIY gift ideas I’ve seen. Check out more of these cute designs on Pinterest.

Self-Care Ideas

Being alone on Valentine’s Day comes with some sort of stigma (that I feel we’re getting closer and closer to breaking free of – thankfully). But, a lot of people still feel crappy for being alone for Valentine’s Day.

Please don’t! Take a step back and realize you are right where you’re supposed to be. This season in your life is dedicated to loving yourself and putting yourself first. Never take this time for granted. Cherish it, learn to appreciate it, and always keep moving forward.

As for self-care this Valentine’s Day – let’s face it – there’s no better time to drench yourself in self-care, right? I have an entire post about Sustainable Self-Care that you can check out for further information, but here I’ll briefly mention some great ideas you can implement this Valentine’s Day.

Sustainable Self-Care

Listening to audio books and podcasts can be so relaxing – or get caught up on your favorite YouTube videos! You could also enjoy a nice bubble bath or break out one of your bath bombs you have stored somewhere in a bathroom drawer.

Journaling can be another great idea for self-care this Valentine’s Day. Spend time with your thoughts, write them down, and look back next year at how far you’ve come.

This post from Healthy Happy Impactful has some great ideas! Check it out here – 50 Simple Self Care Ideas When You Need To Reboot.

I hope this post inspires you to see Valentine’s Day in a different light. I hope it shows you that you can have the best time this Valentine’s Day being surrounded by love – whether that be your significant other, your friends and family, or your own self-love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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