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How to Cope During Times of Extreme Stress and Anxiety

How to Cope During Coronavirus

There’s no shortage of negativity, stressful news, and downright depressing stuff we’re being bombarded with day in and day out lately. This whole health scare, deadly virus thing can be a little overwhelming.

I wanted to write this blog because I know I have been feeling incredibly anxious lately, but I’ve also noticed some ways that are helping me get through it a little easier.

What do you do to cope during times of stress and extreme anxiety? I’d love to hear your tips in the comments, or feel free to message me on Instagram!

With all of this being said, please remember to allow yourself some time to just relax and do nothing! All of this newfound “free-time” doesn’t have to be spent being active, crushing things you’ve been putting off, and doing things you don’t really want to do.

Sure, it’s great to get some things done and stay on a semi-normal schedule, but don’t forget to just sit back and chill – take some time to not think about anything.

How to Cope During Times of Extreme Stress and Anxiety

Talk to Someone

Since we should all be social distancing and spending a lot of time by ourselves or with our roommates/familes, let’s be sure to remember to call your best friend or Facetime your mom.

Sometimes just a 10 minute conversation with someone you care about (and who cares about you!) can totally change our mood and make us feel like we’re in a better head space.

Write a Gratitude List

What’s a gratitude list? Well, simply put – it is a list of things you are grateful for. It can be a short list that takes only a minute to create with things like your dog, your boyfriend, and your favorite color.

Your gratitude list can also be something more in-depth like reasons why you love yourself, a list of songs you’re grateful for, or really anything you love that you can think of!

Why does a gratitude list help us cope? Well, it helps get our minds focused on what really matters – the simple things that make every day worth living.

Have a Movie/YouTube/Netflix Marathon

Enjoy your favorite movie, YouTube channel, or show! Give yourself a break and remember to allow time to just veg-out and relax.

Sometimes the easiest way to forget about everything that’s going on in the world is to immerse ourselves in another one.

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Follow Uplifting Accounts on Social Media

How do you feel when you check Instagram and Facebook lately? Overwhelmed or at ease? If you’re feeling in a worse mood after checking social media, consider unfollowing those people and following some more uplifting, positive accounts.

Check out my favorite list of Instagram accounts here.

We see sooo much of social media – especially when we’re quarantined at home – so be sure you’re filling your mind with positive vibes and not negativity all day long.

Stop Watching the News

Okay, yes it is important to stay informed – but if you’ve got the news running in the background all day, you’re constantly seeing negativity and depressing stuff all day long.

I’ve found that checking the news once every 1-2 days is enough for me. I didn’t check it at all yesterday and I felt 1000% better than I did the day before when I have it playing all day long as I was working from home.

Just try it – I promise you’ll feel better.

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Remember To Do Things You Love

Maybe you’ve found yourself with a little more downtime than usual lately – make sure you spend some of that time doing things you love that maybe you haven’t had a lot of time for lately.

Whether it’s drawing, writing, reading, painting, creating graphics, playing a musical instrument – remember to do the things that make you feel good!

For me, I absolutely love plants and I have a few that need to be re-potted. I plan on spending a few hours doing this one day this week. I know it will make me feel so good just doing something simple that brings me peace.

Clean or Organize Something

So, my parents and I just completely purged the garage and made room for us to set up our gym equipment – since all the gyms are now closed. RIP.

But, it felt really great to have something to do for a couple of days and I’m excited to get out there tomorrow to workout!

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Exercise and Eat Healthy Foods

This comes as a no-brainer – of course exercise and eating nutritious foods are a great idea – but it can be so easy to forget to take care of ourselves during times of chaos. We can be so focused on what’s going on around us that we forget we have to take care of ourselves first.

So, make sure you have your favorite healthy snacks on hand and use social media to find at-home workouts (or go for a walk/run outside)!

Get Outside

Playing off of the previous idea, make sure you are not staying indoors

Yes, it’s important to keep a physical distance from others at this time, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside 24/7. It’s so important to get some sunshine (remember your SPF!) and breathe in some outside air.

Enjoy a book on your porch, listen to a podcast outside, or go for a drive with the windows down. Getting out of the house can really help lift your mood and help us feel less isolated during this time.

I really hope you were able to get some good, easy ideas here for how to cope during these crazy times.

Don’t forget to listen to your favorite song, snuggle with your pets, and tell your loved ones that you appreciate them.

Follow me on Instagram and tell me what you’re doing to stay sane during the chaos!

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