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How Self Care Can Help You Navigate the Post-Holiday Blues 

How Self-Care Can Help You Navigate the Post-Holiday Blues

There’s no worse feeling than having to take down all the Christmas decorations and force ourselves to head back to the regular workweek grind. It’s painful. 

And for that, a lot of us get the post-holiday blues this time of year. It’s never fun, and it seems like it’s been looming over us like a big green monster since mid-December… “Hey there, look I know you’re excited for Christmas and New Year’s and all but… now that it’s started, it’s almost over! Muahahaha” 

We just spent all this amazing time with our families – or not so amazing, and in that case, you definitely need this blog! 

We ate a ton of food and don’t feel guilty for any of it because we love our bodies and we enjoyed it!

We spent a lot of money (probably too much). But the feeling you get when you see someone open a gift you got them – priceless.

We enjoyed time with our pets, friends, and just being alone a little bit during the “most wonderful time of the year.”

We spent some time reflecting on the challenges and growth we experienced in 2019.

And anytime we come down from a high like this, naturally, we’re going to have some sad, maybe even depressed feelings. 

And that is okay. I repeat, it is okay to feel sad. It’s okay any time, and that includes now after the holidays are over. It doesn’t make you ungrateful for feeling sad when something that brings so much joy is now over.

Instead of telling you 5 ways to get over the post-holiday blues, I’d like to talk about it in a different way. 

Hopefully you can implement some of these simple self-care ideas to help you out during the “least wonderful time of the year.” 

So, here are 5 ways you can use self-care to help navigate the post-holiday blues. 

How Self-Care Can Help You Navigate the Post-Holiday Blues

Plan a trip.

Fun fact: January 28th is National Plan a Vacation Day! Who would’ve known?

Anyway, you know that after-holiday feeling you get, where you feel like you don’t have anything to look forward to now that the holidays are over? It sucks going through a regular week just looking forward to your next day off. That’s no way to live. 

For this, I encourage you to plan a future trip. It’s fun picking out somewhere to go, who you’re going to invite (or a solo trip – I wanna do that this year!), hotel or Airbnb to stay in, food to enjoy while you’re there, and so much more! 

Try to plan something within your budget that you’ll enjoy – even if it’s a day trip – to either a new place you can explore or somewhere you already know you love. 

See, doesn’t thinking about going on a trip in a couple months already make you feel better? It does to me! 

Having a future event to look forward to can totally shift your mindset from “right now” to something you’re looking forward to! 

If you have the means and think having something to look forward to would help you navigate through this sometimes-difficult time of year, then I say go for it! 

Get out of the house.

Sometimes all we really need to ground ourselves is a breath of fresh air. Something about the outside air (even though it may be freezing where you are) and a little sunshine just puts everything back into perspective.

Time outdoors can bring us back to what is really important in life, which definitely shifts focus back to our mental health.

Even taking a quick walk outside or sitting on your porch for 10 minutes can help us release our thoughts and just focus on gratitude.

A little bit of time in nature is a form of meditation within itself, and it can be so beneficial during the long winter months after the holidays.

Enjoy a new restaurant.

Is there any better feeling than eating a nice, beautiful, yummy meal that you’ve never tried before? *heaven*

Ok, maybe I’m just really hungry right now… but still, ordering Postmates or visiting a new restaurant is a wonderful form of self-care for a lot of people.

If you’re someone who gets joy out of trying different places or food, then visiting a new restaurant could really benefit you – especially during this time of year.

I’m looking forward to trying some new vegan-friendly restaurants this year in my area!

If this form of self-care speaks to you, what are you going to try?

Try new makeup, skincare or hair products.

So, it’s winter. And in most places, that means it’s cold. Our skin and hair can get dry and neglected.

Even if it’s not cold where you are, it’s still just as important to take care of yourself.

I hate taking a shower and then immediately having to lather my body in lotion to avoid that awful, skin-irritating feeling of dryness within an hour, but it does make me feel a lot better once I’ve done it.

I also feel like the colder it is, the less time I devote to caring about my appearance. I’m already bundled up in huge coats, it’s normally raining , and I just don’t dedicate enough time to my physical self care.

BUT, now is the time to get on it and re-think our basic forms of self-care like skincare, hair care and makeup.

It can be fun to watch YouTube videos or look at posts on Pinterest to find new products you want to try. Having something new to try sparks interest again and can make you want to devote that time to yourself.

Re-decorate your space.

That’s right! I’m giving you total permission to re-decorate, clean, and organize your space! As if you needed my approval.

But if you want the inspiration to do it, look no further than our Pinterest board for ‘The Home’.

Whether you’re a DIYer or someone who just loves Target’s home decor section (ok, you can be both!) then now is the perfect time to re-vamp your space.

If you’re not looking to spend a ton of money, check out our post for 12 Free Ideas to Spice up Your Space.

Giving your space a face lift can totally improve your mood and make you want to enjoy more time in your home.

I hope these ideas inspired you to take time for yourself this time of year. Please remember that is is totally okay to feel the post-holiday blues. What’s important is you remember all the things you have to be grateful for and take the time to care for yourself.

If you’re going to do any of the self care ideas mentioned in this post, please leave us a comment and let us know what you’ll be doing for yourself!

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