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Best Movies & Shows to Watch on Netflix While You’re Single

Best Movies and Shows to Watch While Youre Single

Being single has so many pros (and a couple of cons, ok? doesn’t everything though?) like having ample independence, and that includes watching whatever movies and shows you feel like… all the time. Yesssss. I’m still adjusting to the single life, but I’m taking it one day at a time and remembering that this time …

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New Year Self Care Tips

How to Set Mental Health New Year’s Resolutions

How to Set Mental Health New Years Resolutions

We spend the end of every year reflecting back on things we could’ve done differently and hopefully we take a little time to remember all the things we’re proud of ourselves for. It’s hard not to at least think about things you want to do differently in the next year. Some people are ‘anti-new-year’s-resolutions’, but …

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